Who are JDEasy?

We are greater than the sum of all of our individual knowledge and experience.

As a Senior JDE Executive once said "all of the best ERP ideas did not emanate from one source". We at JDEASY acknowledge and encompass this philosophy as a cornerstone of our existence.

As a company JDEASY was founded by a group of former JD Edwards’ employees from the Applications, Software Development and CNC disciplines. As field consultants the JDEASY partners have worked on many E1 implementation projects and have a deep appreciation for the flexibility provided by Enterprise One’s configurable component based architecture.

As consultants operating in the Manufacturing, Logistics and Finance arena the JDEasy partners have constantly pushed the boundaries of the application architecture in pursuit of the optimum solution for their client's business process. The partners all have 10+ years of experience working in the E1 environment in their respective disciplines and have forged a reputation for high quality delivery with their client base.

The JDEASY partners also have deep knowledge of operating in a global environment, have worked in and been influenced by experience gained through previous business roles, software development and implementing in many regions such as the EU, APAC and working with US multi-nationals. This experience spans both JDE and non-JDE ERP systems and acknowledges the influence and great contributions made by many professionals from varying ERP backgrounds all of which reinforces our opening statement.

Through the course of our ERP implementation experience we have observed that certain business requirements, not fulfilled by the core E1 ERP suite, occur repetitively. This observation and a desire to bring the conceptual solutions already delivered on previous implementations to the broader customer base have lead to the formation of JDEASY. The JDEASY team are now focused on bringing the benefit of their field experience to the broader client base through their Oracle Gold Partner Alliance.

JDEASY is focused on extending the core E1 ERP functionality through the provision of easy to install and configure plug-ins that provide significant productivity benefits to clients by leveraging on existing configuration and data in imaginative ways.

These are our influences!
This is who we are!
This is JDEasy!