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Do you dread the day the Sales Manager announces the new Customer with hundreds for Ship To locations?

It is this because you know that although JDE has a Batch upload function for Address Book and Customer Master, unfortunately, the entry screen is one address record at a time and you cannot use the excel import function.
So even if the customer provided all their address details in an Excel spreadsheet it is of no help to you.

GOOD News! JDEasy has applications that helps you perform mass Address Detail uploads.

View JDEasy Easy.Address Upload Applications in Action
Business Benefits

Let us compare JDEasy Apps versus Standard JDE.

With JDEasy Applications hundreds of records can be loaded with a few easy steps.

With Standard JDE Applications, each record MUST be entered one by one.

There is no comparison, JDEasy Applications, saves you time and effort, increases your productivity, and reduces user frustration.