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This JDEasy Application is for manufacturing items which allows “add-on” Item Cost Components to be uploaded on-mass from an excel spreadsheet into JDE. The cost components for multiple items are update to the simulated manufacturing cost and a Frozen Update performed.

View JDEasy Easy.COST Cost Component upload Application in Action
  • Cost Component Revision Application

    Allows the entry and revision of multiple Cost Component add-ons for many items across one or more branches. The data can be keyed in this application or uploaded from excel, or CSV. Enter or upload:

    • Item number (short, 2nd or 3rd item number)
    • Branch
    • Cost method and Cost component Type
    • Simulate Rate code or Simulate Rate
    • Simulate Factor Code or Simulated Factor
    • Use the std JDE & or * functions to based the calculation on the Net Added or Total Cost of another cost component e.g. &A1 or * B1

    Cost Component Batch Edit/Upload

    This batch program runs over the data entered in the Revision application and uploads it to the Item Cost Component Application. A version of the Simulated Cost Roll up can be called from the batch job.


    A batch upload report is produced detailing data loaded