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Keep your Customers Informed. If a customer order goes on back order, keep your customers up to date with the best expected delivery dates.

JDEasy Back Order Scheduling Solution is a fully automated application that manages your back order delivery schedule, keeping your customer informed of promised delivery dates and continuously re-planning with the latest supply information.

Free up resources with less customer inquires regarding back orders. Enhance productivity by reducing customer service staff work load. Refocus on sales with more time for the important activities. Fine tune your customer through the provision of timely and accurate delivery information on the E1 order inquiry forms and the output of an automated Back Order Delivery Notification advice by customer.

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Business Benefits
  • Accurate Pick, Ship and Delivery Dates on Back orders. Updated to sales Orders, Customer Service Inquiry and Supply & Demand
  • Results available to CRM applications such as Salesforce.
  • Integrated with Sales Order Entry, and Order Acknowledgements.
  • Fully Overnight Reschedule to latest Supply Information.
  • Reduce the number of back order inquires from Customers.
  • Both Customers and Internal Staff have the latest information on delivery dates available at all times
  • Improved Materials planning with realistic back order demand dates, reducing exception messages.