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As a JDE Forecast user you will be well aware of some opportunities within the Forecasting Applications to improve usability, visible of data, productivity.

The restrictions of reviewing, maintaining,and copying one item forecast at a time is a real process and productivity issue for many businesses and a source of frustration for users.

As a Planner the inability to generate a short term weekly forecast and longer term monthly forecast for the one item for use in Planning is another issue for many businesses.

JDEasy has the answer with our EASY.FORECAST Applications

The JDEasy Forecast Applications can transform your forecast process, offering real time savings and user satisfaction.
There are three Applications:

Forecast Review and Maintenance Applications

Forecast Splitting Application

Forecast Consolidation Applications

View JDEasy Easy.Forecast Forecast Revision Application in Action
Business Benefits

Forecast Review & Maintenance
All critical customer demand data in a multi-period view.
Save time and effort, increase Productivity and reduce user frustration
Improve “New Product to Market” time
Adjust Forecast for Market Conditions easily with up to 3 Forecast types on one screen
Review / Validate / Revise / Copy multiple items at once, within or across branches. Filter by Item, Branch, Planner, Customer or Category Codes.
View Weekly or Monthly Past & Future Periods

Forecast Splitting feature offers the best of both worlds with forecast maintenance and long term planning at the monthly level and short term planning at the weekly level for better purchasing and manufacturing scheduling.

Forecast Consolidation feature offers Greater Forecast Accuracy with the Consolidation of multiple branch history with intermittent sales. Facilitates Central Supply or Central Supply Contract Management.
Improved FORECAST means Improved Planning which leads to Improve Customer Service.
Happy Customer and Happy Staff is the best way to growth your business.


    At last here is the Application you have been looking for.

    Now on the one JDE forecasting screen in grid format you can:

    Compare history to forecast

    • For many items by Branch or Planning Family
    • Compare either 2 or 3 forecast types.
    • Review recent sales and check the future forecast, compare recent sales against past forecast for the same periods, review a third forecast type such as a manual adjustments previously entering to determine if these need revision.

    View Past and Future Periods

    • You select the number of period to be display. With a maximum of twenty six periods before and after the currently period, this gives up to 1 year visibility for weekly forecasts and over four years for monthly forecast.
    • Periods can be nominated as weekly of monthly.
    • The current period default based on the system date but can be overridden, giving flexibility to view any range of date either past of future.

    Review and Revise Forecasts

    • You can review up to 3 forecast types .
    • One forecast type can be maintained on this same screen.
    • The current period and all future periods are available to be maintained.
    • The Item Sales and Purchasing Category are visible and available for filtering in the QBE Line. This allows similar groups of items or Product lines to be reviewed and MAINTAINED on the one screen.

    So comparing the past sales performance of an entire product line or MAINTAINING the forecast for an entire product line has never been this easy.


    This same Application can also be used in COPY MODE.

    In COPY Mode this application is ideal for item supersession or new item introduction.

    How often have you wanted to copy the history or forecast from one item to another, but for many items? In Standard JDE E1 this has to be done one item at a time.

    With the JDEasy Forecasting applications this is no-longer the case, as you can see from the screen shot above.

    • You can copy both history and forecast.
    • You can copy multiple items to another range of items.
    • Select upto 24 period to be copied prior to the current period.
    • The override current period feature,allow you to copy past or future periods.

    Flexibility and easy of use is the hallmark of JDEasy Applications and the Forecast Review and Maintenance Application is no exception.

  • FORECAST SPLITTING - Flexibility & Control

    The Forecasting vs. Planning Dilemma.

    Sales staff want to forecast monthly but Planning need to plan Weekly. Now it is possible.

    This Application allows you to:

    • Choose the number of weekly periods to be split out of the monthly forecast,
    • If this number of weeks falls mid period, you have the choice to split only the exact number of weeks and see remaining forecast for that period as one quantity, or continue splitting to end of the period.
    • Backwards split if your forecast is at the end of the month or forward split if the forecast is a the start of the month.
  • FORECAST CONSOLIDATION - Improved Planning

    Planning Branch Consolidation:

    Central Planning requires the combined demand for all branches. If sales at some branches are inconsistent or intermittent forecasting at the branch level can be less than accurate.

    Consolidating sales history into one branch overcomes this issue as the combined demand allows for a more accurate forecast. Using an alternative forecast type for both the consolidated history and the consolidated forecast provides flexibility to the planning process.

    Featyres Include:

    • Nominate the date range for consolidation.
    • Replace all or by date range.
    • Nominate FROM and TO Forecast Types, allows for consolidation of different forecasts incuding History, Bet Fits, Manual adjustment.

    Planning Type Consolidation:

    Planning requires the combined of multiple Forecast Types.

    Although DRP/MPS/MRP allows the summing of up to 5 forecast type, often mulitple forecast types need to be combined for purposes other than straight forward Planning.

    This JDEasy Forecasting Application now gives you this option.

    • select multiple FROM Forecast Types and nominate a TO Forecast Type
    • Nominate a FROM and TO date range. Replace all or by date range .
    • Nominate FROM and TO Forecast Types, allows for consolidation of different forecasts incuding history, Bet Fits, Manual adjustment.

    The JDEasy Forecast Consolidation Applications provides good flexible and control to help you achieve your goals and increase your forecast accuracy, and improve planning.
    Having the correct items, the correct quantities at the correct time and place, will increase your customer service performance and improve your business productivity and staff satisfaction.