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JDE Master Data Management - Accurate data for analysis and reporting is fundamental to improving customer service and profitability

Keeping Master Data correct is critical to ensure accurate Analysis, Reporting,Planning, Pricing and Communications with your Customers and Suppliers. Validating and Maintaining large number of record, complex and diverse data can be challenging.

JDEasy EASY.GRID is the answer!

EASY.GRID applications will increase the productivity, ownership and responsibility of your JDE E1 Master Data Maintenance with practical, user friendly applications that allow you to view, validate and revise your Master Data in a Grid format with multiple records on the one screen.
Limiting data access by department or role is an essential control and security feature required by many businesses. EASY.GRID provides this and much more.

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Business Benefits
  • Provide better Customer Service with Improved Data Accuracy & Reporting
  • Save Money with reduced maintenance time & cost with multiple records on one Grid for validation and revision.
  • Limit data access by department or role & Pre-configured Departmental views, ensures all data security, ownership and responsibility policies can be easily met.
  • Powerful data filtering and field level and Hierarchical Validation Rules all contribute to the increased productive and improved data accuracy for your JDE Master Data
  • Available for JDE E1 Item Master / Item Branch / Address book / Customer Master/ Who's Who