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JDE Forms Delivery - Real-Time Communications to your Suppliers & Customers builds your valued relationship

In today’s world, Business needs to keep in customers, suppliers, and staff informed with important information relevant to their business relationship. Communicating real-time in a cost effective manner that is flexible is what business is looking for.

JDEasy EASY.INFORM & EASY.EMAIL provide a solution to meet your requirements.
  • A structured and configurable means to ensure business forms are delivered to the correct recipients via the required delivery method.

  • allow changes such as the number of copies, the recipients, and their preferred delivery method, and these changes should be easy to apply. The ability to validate the exact recipients a document will be delivered to and receive notification of failure to find a valid delivery method are critical.

  • integration into your current E1 address book and Who's Who

  • Reports submitted by users, scheduled or other system jobs can now have the PDF output emailed to one or more users. EASY.EMAIL is easy to set and provide real benefits to your business

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Business Benefits
  • Switch from post to email and make significant expense savings which lowers the cost of ownership with quick business payback
  • A single template based control point for all business forms delivery that lowers IT costs with user driven forms delivery configuration
  • Improve customer service with real-time email form delivery through the SOP cycle
  • Significant productivity improvement in address book maintenance with new Who’s Who grid maintenance application
  • Email (or fax by exception) external recipients and Print or Email to Internal Recipients
  • All major Standard JDE Forms and Custom copies are supported. All relevant address book entities addressable by form