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JDE Location Maintenance- Maintenance of correct Location data is critical to being able to meet Customer Demand

The JDEasy EASY.RESET Applications offering three applications to provide ease of data maintenance, ensure data integrity and Practical applications offering real time savings and benefits to your Business.
There are three Applications:

Primary Location Reset Applications

A mass update program that changes an existing secondary location to the Primary location. The current primary becomes a secondary location.

Simplifies the process of a warehouse restructure making mass Primary location updates a quick and easy task, but ensures data integrity is maintained across sales, purchase and work order tables.

Inactive Location Purge Applications

A mass purge program that deletes secondary locations no longer required. This is especially useful for businesses using lot control that have a large number of secondary locations for lots which are no longer current in the system.

Reduce inquiry & reporting times, and user frustration by deleting those no-longer required inactive locations, ensuring company policies for location retention can be met and data integrity is not compromised.

Item Commitment Reset Applications

This application provides an easy alternative to the standard JDE commitment rollback application. Our Commitment Reset combines the functions of the standard Order Repost and the Commitment Rollback into one application which is simple to use.

A simple but proven process for ensuring item commitments are correct and accurate Item Availability information for your customers and your business.

Business Benefits

Correct Commitments allows accurate promises to customers. Reset stock availability data in real time by item/branch.

Reset all commitments sales, purchasing and work order with one job.

Do not keep customer waiting - Improve Inquiry response time with secondary location purge

Update or restructure warehouse location with mass primary Location change

Save Money with reduced maintenance time & cost.

Improved Productivity, Flexibility, Control and user satisfaction are the cornerstones of JDEasy Applications.

  • Primary Location Reset

    As a business grows and changes, the primary versus secondary location requirements can also change. This is particularly the case when a warehouse is re-structured or changing from or to third party warehousing. From time to time a business has the need to change a large number of, if not all, the primary locations in a warehouse.

    EASY.RESET allows either import from excel or data entry into the Primary Location Change Request application, validate the data and then run the batch job to update the primary locations. The business can change many primary locations via the one transaction.

    The batch update not only changes the nominated location to the new primary location, but it changes the current primary to a secondary locations, update work order, purchase order and sales order with the new primary as appropriate, i.e. those lines with a soft commit to a current primary location. If the batch program is unable to complete all required updates the Process Step status of the transaction update is recorded and the process will be completed the next time the batch program is run.

  • Inactive Location Purge

    For businesses that use lot control, each lot creates a new secondary location for each item. Over time this can grow into a very large number of locations per item. Once the stock is sold or consumed these locations remain in the system without stock on hand or commitments. The locations may need to be retained for a period in case of stock returns. The large volume of location can cause issues such as time delays on screen inquiry or reporting which are particular frustrating for users.

    This application provides a mass purge of secondary locations no longer required. The data selection can be set to ensure company policy for location retention is met and the program validates the locations eligibility for deletion to ensure data integrity is not compromised.

  • Item Commitment Reset

    Item Commitments need to be reset on a regular based to ensure good data integrity and that accurate information is available for determining item availability, for user inquiries and for use by JDE in Sales Orders, Work Orders, Materials Planning, and other areas of your business.

    The commitments shown against an Item Location do not always match the demand and supply situation reflected by sales, purchase and work orders. The JD Edwards Active Order Repost programs do not always correct this situation. Businesses require an user friendly application that can be run by a user at any time and is easy to use.

    There are a number of reasons why the Item Commitment may not be correct, the most common being; if an user is interrupted during sales or purchase order entry and a screen timeout occurs. In this circumstance it is possible for item commitment to be made but the order has not save, causing an commitment of stock without supporting order. This type of commitment is not reset by the standard JDE Sales Order, Purchase Order, or Work Order Repost Programs. JDE provides a Commitment Rollback function for this scenario but many businesses are reluctant to have users performing this function. Many businesses require a simple program that achieves the same result.

    The JDEasy Location Commitment Reset application combines the functions of the three standard Order Repost and the Commitment Rollback into one application which is simple to use. It can also cleaning up sales order commitment records in the JDE Commitment Reset work file F41021WF.

    This program can be run real-time for a single item in a particular branch, a number of items, or all items in one or more branches. It also has the functionality to reset dual unit of measure commitments if the dual UOM functionality is being used.