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JDE Master Data Structure - Ensuring Accurate Category Code Data improves Reporting and Analysis

Category Code accuracy can be a critical to your Analysis, Reporting, Pricing, Shipping and Planning process integrity. Keeping Category Codes accurate can be problematic with complex or diverse data and large number of records. Reviewing and validating data set up can be tedious.

If you have a logical structure to your Inventory, Address Book, Customer Master, General Ledger or Business Unit Category Code

Then JDEasy has the tool to help you manage these category codes and keep them accurate for your business reporting.

The JDEasy EASY.TREE Applications offer three applications to provide ease of data maintenance, ensure data integrity and Practical applications offering real time savings and benefits to your Business.

Hierarchical Relationship Definition Applications

An easy tool to create and review Hierarchical Category Code Structure.
The Hierarchy Tree View displays the relationship using the data set up in the relevant Category Code UDCs.

Category Code Update Applications

These batch applications provides the ability to analyse your master data to determine which records do not meet the hierarchical structure defined.
They also can update master data records to the appropriate category code values based on the relationships and structure defined.

EASY.GRID Application Integration

The JDEasy EASY.GRID Application can set to implement the EASY.TREE Hierarchy functionality, either in Validation only or Auto-update mode.
A simple but effective process for monitoring and ensuring master data category code values are correct, thereby providing accurate information for your customers and your business.

Business Benefits

Provide better Customer Service through accurate pricing and planning data

Improve Data Accuracy & Reporting. Eliminate erroneous BI reporting due to incorrect entity classification in your Inventory, Address Book, General Ledger and Business Unit Master Data

Batch validation or Update to defined structure

Hierarchical Structure & Validation Rules

Save Money with reduced maintenance time & cost.

Interactive validation on EASY.GRID maintenance screens

Simple TREE view of the defined structure

Improved Productivity, Flexibility, Control and user satisfaction are the cornerstones of JDEasy Applications.

Check out the EASY.GRID JDE Master Data Maintenance Applications and our EASY.INFORM Forms & Report Delivery Applications for more tools to improve Productivity.

  • Category Code Relationships

    Build your Hierarchical Relationship between Category Codes

    The EASY.TREE applications allowed you to define the relationship between Category Codes. .

    • Hierarchical relationship can be established by system code.
      EASY.TREE provides the functionality to create hierarchical parent-child relationships between category codes for inventory, address book, general ledger, and business units. This hierarchy master relationship controls validation, updates, and presentation of these relationships through the EASY.TREE applications.

    • Hierarchical parent-child relationships defined within the UDC.
      Use the special handling code of each child UDC to link to the associated parent entity.

    Review your data via the Hierarchical Structure.

    • THE JDEasy Hierarchy Tree View Application presents the multi-level parent-child drill down view.
      This view allows the data owners to validate the entity relationships.

  • Category Code Batch Update Process

    The Batch process validates the existing category codes and updates category codes based on the defined structure.

    In Proof ModeThe program identifies any inconsistencies in the existing master data, presenting both the existing and new data to be updated in line with the defined structure.
    In Update mode The program automatically replaces parent level cat codes which are out of sync based on the lowest level child attribute.

  • Real time Validation and automated update

    EASY.GRID Master Data Maintenance applications such as Item Branch can be configured via to validate only or automatically update category codes to meet the hierarchical relationships defined.

    • Real time Validation Only Mode highlights category codes which do not meet the defined structure. A warning message is displayed.

    • Real time Automatic Update Mode, highlights category codes which do not meet the defined structure, and automatically updates those category codes with the validate values.