Adding a new Item to JDE is a process in it own right. There are many steps involved to ensure all the required data is available to make the item ready for use by the business.

There is a lot involved and if some of these steps are missed, particularly cost or price, you could end up with Sales or Purchase Orders with no prices, work orders with huge variances, stock on hand at the wrong or zero cost. These issues can be difficult to resolve after the fact.

Materials Planning and therefore supply of the item will not happen without demand, either in the form of Forecast, Safety Stock, or sales Orders.

JDEasy has a number of Applications that help with some of these tasks, making you more productivity, less frustrated and hopefully taking away some of the hassle.

Item Master and Item Branch records are fundamental steps and must be performed first, after which Supplier pricing can be set up. Next is cost and then price. The areas where JDEasy can help you are:

  • Item Cost /Base Price Generation and Replication across Branches An interactive application generates the Item cost and Base Price for your sourcing branch based on user defined parameters. The cost and price can then be replicated across other branches.
  • Forecast and Safety Stock Creation Forecast Copy Application allows the copying of History and/or forecast from another item. Safety Stock can be generated from the History or forecast copied.
  • Item Master and Item Branch Revisions If further Item Master and Item Branch Changes or addition are required JDEasy has a tools to speed up this process.