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For many businesses Safety Stock is an important element in their Material supply planning calculations.

The level of safety stock required can vary from one supplier to the next, at different time of the year and for different product groups.
For this reason the basis on which safety stock is calculated needs to be flexible, dynamic and easily updated. Unfortunately the JDE safety stock field is not and has no calculation function to support it. UNTIL NOW!!

JDEasy has an application that gives flexible and ease of update.

The JDEasy SafetyStock Applications offering real time savings and user satisfaction.
There are three Applications:

Safety Stock Calculation Applications

No longer is it necessary to do this outside of JD Edwards. No more extracting data, manipulating calculations. JDEasy Application offers Flexibility, Control and Structure to your Safety Stock Calculations.

Safety Stock Review & Revision Application

Reviewing and revising results all within JD Edwards will save time and effort. Safety Stock is now so easy to keep up to update with the latest trends in your sales / usage or forecast demand. Another step towards better Materials Planning.

Safety Stock Update Application

No longer do you need to update safety stock value one item branch record at a time. The JDEasy Batch Update application is the final step to update those records, be it automatically via overnight processing or on an ad-hoc basis as required. This can be a select group of item, an entire branch or all items.

View JDEasy Easy.SAFETYSTOCK Applications in Action
Business Benefits

The Correct Inventory Levels to Meet Customer Demand. Maintain service levels without excess Inventory

Reflect Current Demand situation, improving Planning with Regular Automatic Re-calc & Update

Save Money with reduced maintenance time & cost. Cut Safety Stock Update time by min 50%

Perform Mass Re-Calculations, Review, Revise & Update Safety stock with Flexibility, Control and Structure using User Defined Calculation Rules and the Multiple Records Grid application for validation and Revision /Re-calculate

Calculation Rules based On Sales History / Usage History or Forecast

Improved Productivity, Flexibility, Control and user satisfaction are the cornerstones of JDEasy Applications.

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